The first mobile application in Eastern Europe, to help fight domestic violence against women and children.
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What does the app do?
The app is available in English and Bulgarian language. It contains useful information not only for people who are victims of domestic violence, but also for their friends and acquaintances. The victim's localization as well as the nearest location support centers. National, 24-hour help lines, and a quick dial-up button 112. A test consisting of 13 questions prepared by a narrowly specialised psychologist aiming to find an answer whether a person is in the form of domestic violence.
What does the app do?
Option "My Diary" where you can track, record and document any kind of violence. Educational materials on various forms of domestic violence, types of support and myths. Online Security Guide. Advices on leaving a violent relationship. Hide button, which by one click transforms the app into an online calendar, following monthly menstruation and ovulation.
ZaTeb Angels
Desi Kate
"Be strong and keep in mind that you deserve better because relationships are about coming together through love and respect, and that doesn’t happen by punching your partner. It happens by understanding each other and seeking a solution that gives both of you peace of mind and inspires you to do better together. Together we are stronger! Let’s end violence today!"
Yanita Yancheva
"I’m proud to support and help Za Teb give these women help and support for a better life."
Nansi Karaboycheva
“I truly believe that this topic shouldn't be a TABOO, it shouldn't be BYPASSED and not given enough attention!”
Tanya Gerdanova
I want to change the world for better! And I believe the change starts today within everyone of us. Take an action and let’s stop Domestic violence together!
Marina Voykova
I become part of Za Teb’s initiative because I believe we should never become slaves of the weaker! I call abusers WEAK because only this kind of people can use physical or emotional abuse over another individual. A STRONG person doesn’t know violence!